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Image depicting felony “Assault with a Deadly Weapon”

List of Michigan Assault/Domestic Violence Crimes and Maximum Penalty

According to Michigan Crime Statistics, 117,430 assault crimes were reported in 2016. This includes assaults classified as misdemeanors, felonies and domestic violence cases. The following is a list of both misdemeanor and felony assault crimes as contained in the Michigan Penal Code:


Oftentimes clients call confused as to why they are being charged with domestic violence or an assault crime (assault and battery, aggravated assault, assault by strangulation, assault with a deadly weapon ) when they believe that they were acting in self-defense. A police response occurs following a report or 911 call. Once at the scene of the alleged crime, the police may take statements from one or more individuals. In most cases, it only takes the statement of a single person and no other witnesses for the police to initiate an arrest of a suspect. The police often do not take the statement of the accused party and do not always conduct a thorough investigation. In addition, the accused may have acted in self-defense which is something that the police may not fully cover in their investigation.

According to Michigan State Police statistics, there were 107,000 incidents of misdemeanor and felony assault crimes reported in 2017!

imagesCA8P473W.jpgAssaultive conduct or deadly force will be particularly scrutinized by law enforcement officers and prosecutors for possible criminal charges. Under certain circumstances, an act of assault may be excused or defended if the use of force was based upon justifiable self-defense. The following is a list of assault crimes in Michigan:

  • Assault and Battery
  • Aggravated Assault
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