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 “Assault with a Dangerous Weapon” – Up to 4 Years in prison

Defending Domestic Violence, Assault with a Dangerous Weapon, Assault by Strangulation in Macomb County

As you read through this, it is important for you to know that ALL criminal charges are pursued by “THE GOVERNMENT”. It is the ALWAYS “the state” that prosecutes individuals for violating laws within the state’s jurisdiction. The state does so by utilizing state prosecutors (attorney general), county prosecutors and municipal prosecutors to enforce the laws which are in place to protect property and people in our state under the theory that individuals do not have the resources to go after those that commit crimes to the extent that the government does. The state uses it law enforcement agencies to investigate crimes and manage the movement of prisoners to courts. The court has vast powers to set bond, impose no-contact orders and order witnesses to appear in court through its subpoena powers. For this reason and other public policy reasons, it is difficult for a victim to get a case dismissed that is “in the system”. Getting a sharp local criminal defense lawyer is your best course of action to get a case under control when a victim does not want to cooperate.

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