How to Get Your Michigan Rap Sheet/Criminal Record History

The following procedure will guide you to search for your criminal history records for expungement, employment/education applications, visa, immigration, personal records check or adoption (fingerprints are required). Individuals requesting their own criminal history receive all data (public and nonpublic):

-If you are a Michigan resident, go to your local Michigan law enforcement agency and ask to be printed on a Michigan Applicant Fingerprint card (RI-8). Complete the card entirely.

-If you are not a Michigan resident but require a Michigan criminal history record check, go to any law enforcement agency in the state where you reside and ask to be printed on a FBI Applicant Fingerprint card (FD-258). In the “Reason Fingerprinted” block of the card write in “Michigan Record Check”. Complete the card entirely. Include a cover letter explaining the reason for the fingerprint submission. Requirements are the same as Michigan residents.

-If more than one original certified or notarized response is required, there will be an additional fee of $1.00 each added to the processing fee.

-Provide a return address in block F of the form.

-Submit the card and a $30.00 processing fee in the form of a money order or check made payable to the State of Michigan. You may want to call the State Police to inquire about fee changes!

Mail the above information to:
Michigan State Police
CRD, Identification Section
P.O. Box 30634
Lansing, Michigan 48913
Phone (517) 241-0606

Fax: (517) 241-0866

-Allow 3 to 5 weeks for processing and mail delivery for the Michigan criminal history record search.

-If you require a national criminal history record check for a visa, immigration, personal records or adoption, you must ask the local law enforcement agency to be printed on a FBI Applicant Fingerprint card (FD-258) or a similar card. The card, fee and a letter explaining your requirements must be sent directly to the FBI. Details regarding the FBI requirements can be found at Select the link titled “More Services” and follow the instructions for “Requesting your FBI Identification Record/Rapsheet” or you may phone their office in West Virginia at (304) 625-5590 and speak with a Customer Service Representative.

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