Criminal and Traffic Jurisdiction of the 42-2 District Court, New Baltimore, Michigan


The 42-2 District Court located at 35071 23 Mile Road, New Baltimore, MI 48065. Judge William H. Hackel III is the presiding Judge for the Court. The Court has jurisdiction to handle traffic tickets which include all civil infraction and misdemeanor violations of the Michigan Motor Vehicle Code. In addition, the Court has jurisdiction over criminal misdemeanor cases which include drunk driving (DUI) and retail fraud. The Court also handles the initial stages of felony cases for purpose of arraignment and preliminary examination. Criminal felony cases are handled in the Circuit Court after preliminary examination.

The Court’s physical jurisdiction includes the City of New Baltimore, Chesterfield Township, New Haven and Lenox Township. The water-front City of New Baltimore is located in the heart of Anchor Bay. The 42-2 District Court gets an interesting blend of criminal violations and infractions in connection with water-related activities such as boating while intoxicated, watercraft violations and alcohol related crimes. Chesterfield Township is the largest land mass for this jurisdiction and has several high traffic thoroughfares including Gratiot Avenue, I-94 and 23 Mile Road which net a fair share of drinking and driving (DUI) and traffic tickets. The corner of 23 Mile Road and Gratiot Avenue is a major retail shopping area where incidents such as retail fraud (shoplifting) wind up at the 42-2 District Court.

Our firm has handled criminal, drunk driving (DUI) and traffic matters in the 42-2 District Court. I would say that the goal of the 42-2 District Court is to discourage behavior that threatens the enjoyment of its roads, retail establishments and waterfront community. However, it is my experience that this Court will listen to reason and give most offenders a second chance. This means that our attorneys have negotiated dispositions for our clients to have many first offenses for traffic and criminal matters dismissed. Usually, the offender will be required to earn the dismissal by complying with conditions ordered by the Judge. If the offender does not comply, all bets are off and the offender faces sentence which can include jail and a criminal conviction.

Do not hesitate to hire an attorney If you find yourself in trouble in Macomb County including the 42-2 District Court. It has been our experience that when you do it yourself without a lawyer, you may not be getting the best deal which can be negotiated on your behalf. We know when a client is eligible to have a crime reduced or dismissed pursuant to special provisions of law. We are also able to avoid points for most traffic tickets. Contact the ABDO LAW FIRM if you need a lawyer that practices extensively in the 42-2 District Court and every Macomb County District Court. Phone 586-412-5555

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