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child neglect pic.gifThis blog will explain the Michigan Child Neglect and Abuse laws and conclude with some of our legal strategies which are utilized to defend a client charged with child abuse or neglect. Our criminal defense attorneys approach child abuse and neglect cases with the utmost diligence and care. We invariably will recommend that a person who is investigated for child abuse or neglect refrain from discussing the case with anyone until a criminal defense lawyer is retained.

The Michigan Department of Human Services (DHS) is the government entity that is responsible for investigating suspecting reports regarding child abuse and neglect. DHS then makes a recommendation to the Family Court as to whether they think you are guilty of child neglect and/or for possible termination of parental rights. In addition, these reports are turned in to the police for possible criminal charges of child abuse or neglect. Names of individuals are placed on the statewide abuse and neglect Central Registry if there is a preponderance of evidence that the individual has abused or neglected their child and the future risk to the child is high or intensive.

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