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Unfortunately, a rear end automobile accident is not always avoidable. Rear end accidents can occur because of slippery/icy roads, distracted driving (texting) or inattentiveness to existing traffic conditions.  Traffic tickets issued for rear end accidents are one of the most common traffic tickets that we see every day on our Macomb County District Court dockets. Anyone […]

Macomb County District Courts Handle Big Drug Crime Caseloads This publication is dedicated to the topic of drug crimes involving “possession” (as opposed to the more serious felony drug crimes for delivery). Throughout Michigan, there were approximately 50,000 violations of the the Controlled Substance Act. This includes drug crimes involving possession as well as delivery. The region […]

Since 2003, the State of Michigan collects Driver Responsibility Fees against driver’s when excessive points are abstracted on a person’s driving record (Category 1 Offenses). Fees are also collected for specific offenses, regardless of points (Category 2 Offenses). Drunk driving is an example of an offense categorized under Category 2.  For example, a person who […]

  In Michigan, the offense of embezzlement is a crime of opportunity which is committed by someone who is in a position of trust which includes anyone that is an employee or associated with others in a business entity such as a partner or corporate officer.  It can also include persons in unpaid positions that […]

This year, we have published several blogs dedicated to “frequently asked (criminal law) questions”. Whenever possible, we endeavor to avoid legalese by providing articles in layman’s terms. The focus of this blog is pretrial conferences in Macomb County District Courts. What is a pretrial conference? A pretrial conference is a meeting that is attended by […]

The Abdo Law Firm, established more than 40 years ago, prides itself on personal service, professionalism, empathy, and most importantly RESULTS. The purpose of this blog is to share some notable success stories that our office has had since Matthew Abdo has joined the Firm. In all of our cases, hundreds a year, we fight […]

This blog will focus on first offense drunk driving (DUI) cases which our firm handles extensively in all of the district courts in Macomb County, Michigan including the 38th District (Eastpointe), the 39th District (Roseville, Fraser), the 40th District (St. Clair Shores), the 41-A District (Sterling Heights, Shelby Township, Macomb Township, Utica), the 41-B District […]

A Roseville woman is accused of having others beat her live-in boyfriend and failing to seek medical treatment, resulting in his death according to an article in the Oakland Press titled, “Three charged in beating death: Roseville man allegedly unconscious for 19 hours at girlfriend’s home.” The preliminary examination is scheduled for April 20th in […]

Drug Crimes, Assault Crimes, Theft Crimes Highest on the List of Most Frequent Felonies in Michigan Being accused or charged with any crime, misdemeanor or felony, is a serious matter requiring the expertise of a criminal defense lawyer. A crime classified as a felony is invariably worse than a petty crime or misdemeanor. A felony […]

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