Delivery Of Michigan Medical Marijuana By Unqualified Persons

I think the Michigan Medical Marijuana laws will lead to the movement of marijuana by individuals who do not have any legal authority to handle the product. Under the circumstances, the attitude about marijuana has become relaxed; not by the police but by the public at large. The public is under the mistaken belief that the product is almost completely legal because of Michigan’s medical marijuana law. There are numerous other Michigan and Federal drug laws on the books that do not protect you if you have marijuana in your possession or if you transfer it to another person.

It is my only understanding of the current Michigan medical marijuana law is that you cannot have it in your possession unless you are a qualified card carrying caregiver or patient! In my opinion, any other unqualified persons who transport, transfer or possess marijuana face prosecution for possession, intent to deliver or delivery! I think there will be incidental handlers of the product who do not have a Michigan medical marijuana card as a caregiver or a patient. For example, a caregiver may give marijuana to his friend (someone without qualifications as a caregiver or patient) to transport marijuana to a qualified patient . In my opinion, if this person gets caught with the product and the police can establish that the product was intended to be transferred to a third party, a charge and conviction for possession with intent to deliver can occur. There are already tens of thousands of persons who have obtained medical marijuana cards. There is no doubt that the qualified card holders are growing it and possessing it everywhere in Michigan. This large amount of legal marijuana product is bound to be moved around and get into the hands of individuals who are not legally allowed to possess or transport the product.

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